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Spring has sprung!


Spring has sprung!

Alamo’s youth Top Gun Training class learning Pouncing Cub in preparation for the Spring Tournament!

Spring Equinox: Quotes to mark the first day of spring

Vernal Equinox 2012Will you be balancing an egg, a broom, or how about perfect balance on your kicks?

25 Diet-Busting Foods You Should AvoidSome of them are obvious, but does anyone drink Vitamin Water? If so, read this article.

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
Samson stretch up mat
10 Horse Stance Squats
Inchworms down mat
10 Tuck Jumps
Straight Leg Kicks up mat
10 Push Ups
Advanced/ Reverse Straight Leg Kicks down mat
10 V Ups

Against a 12 minute running clock
100 Horse Stance squat with medicine ball throw (men 15lb, women 10lb)
Max rep Double Unders

Warm Down:
5 minutes foam roller for quads