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Secrets of Success in 8 Words


Secrets of Success in 8 Words

We had a fantastic time at the Kinesio Tape Seminar on Saturday! A very big THANK YOU to Dr. Brent Waterman and Dr. Devin Waterman from Waterman Chiropractic for putting on such a fun and informative seminar. Our hour scheduled seminar turned into more than 2 hours with all of the questions and practice. I’m excited to see how beneficial Kiniseo tape will be to our staff and students that attended! Here are some pictures from the day…

Just a quick reminder about all of the things we have going on at East West right now! This *Saturday is our 2nd Annual Sparring Tournament at the Alamo School. We will begin the tournament at 8:00am.
*Saturday is also the start of our black belt seminar weekend series! Mr. Worden will be teaching his double nunchucks seminar first, and then Mr. Bogolub will be teaching his staff spinning seminar. You can sign up for Black Belt Seminar Weekend HERE.
*This month is March Madness for our summer camps. Receive a 10% discount on registration for summer camps if you sign up before the end of the month. You can get more information on our camps and register HERE.

This 3 minute TED talk packs a large punch in a small amount of time! If you take the time to think about all 8 of these key words, you’ll likely find a lot of truth and meaning in them. Relate it to anything you want to be successful at, including your martial arts training!