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New 2 man set.. who wants to learn it?


New 2 man set.. who wants to learn it?

Congratulations to KO Kung Fu on a fantastic summer tournament! Thank you to all of our East West staff and students that went down to compete and support the tournament. Here are a few pictures from the day.

We had our 3rd annual East West Fun Run on Sunday. Although we didn’t have a fantastic turnout, those that came had a great time and got a good workout! Thank you to everyone that supported the US Team by helping or participating. Here is a silly picture of Ms. Duong borrowing Ryan Teng’s bike for a short ride after the end of the Fun Run.

With all of the recent work on 2 man sets, we thought that we might throw this new one into the curriculum…. (thanks Ms. Malone for this video)!

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
10 pass through with staff
10 push ups with hand release
10 Silverman Squats
10 Roll backs
10 Scoprions
5 minutes pull up practice (use bands if needed)

25-20-15-10-5 – with 30 second hand stand hold in between each set
Heel/Wheel/Thrust Kicks (switch legs on each set)
Overhead Horse Stance Squats (holding medicine ball overhead)
V Ups

Notes: You will do 25 heel/wheel/thrust, 25 overhead horse stance squats, 25 V Ups, then 30 seconds of handstand hold. Then 20 of each and a 30 second handstand hold, then 15…finish with 5 of each and a 30 second handstand hold.

Warm Down:
800M jog
5 minutes ball torture

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  1. Laura Moore

    That is the WORST fight scene ever! I’ve seen a lot of bad ones, but this one does take the prize. From the heels on their shoes, to the dance at the end–BAD! Thanks for posting.