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Ms. Anna Liu, USA Team Member!


Ms. Anna Liu, USA Team Member!

Ms. Liu kicking her opponent in her first lei tai match of the tournament. She went on to win the Nationals and earn a spot on the USA Team! Congratulations on a spectacular performance Ms. Liu.

I hope everyone’s watching the amazing athletes in the Olympics right now! There have also been some fantastic commercials aired since the Olympics started as well. Here’s one!

I know that the parents can definitely relate to this video! As a coach, we definitely feel this same emotion and likely, if you were at the nationals this past weekend, you felt the same thing watching our competitors and lei tai fighters!
U.S. Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman’s Parents React To Her Bar Routine

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
50 jumps rope jumps
10 pass through with staff
10 horse stance squats
10 inchworms
10 scorpions
10 samson stretch

25 Horse Stance Squat Jumps
25 Push Up Rows
25 Broken Bow Jumps
25 Box Jumps (or step ups)
25 Sit Ups with cross punches
25 Chicken Lunges
25 Tuck Jumps
25 Hardbow/Broken Bow Lunges
25 Wheel Kick Balance (each leg)
25 Bok Fu Burpees

Warm Down:
5 minutes partner stretching

1 Response

  1. Laura Moore

    Ms. Liu was awesome! Loved how she would climb on her opponent! Never letting up! Way to go. Also, love the video with the gymnast’s parents. I know that feeling!