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Motivation for your Monday!


Motivation for your Monday!

Here's another small excerpt from Master Buckley's new writing, “Facing the Facts of Earning a Bok Fu Do Black Belt”.

Don’t Tell Me Why You Can’t- Be Original, Tell Me Why You Can

“Quitting is a state of mind only- until you take action on the thought. When thoughts of giving up cross your mind, you have two courses of action. You may either a) quit or b) change your thought. I have heard much rationale from students that discontinued over the years. Maybe you’ve shared some quitter thoughts yourself a time or two: It’s too hard. My body hurts all the time. It is too much of a time commitment. There is too much pressure. The expectations are too high. Check, check, check, check, check, and check. Yes that about covers it. Welcome to going for a Bok Fu Do black belt. Look people, going for a Bok Fu Do black belt is akin to an athlete trying to make the pros. It's your Olympic moment in life. These are not normal things guys and gals. Neither is earning your Bok Fu Do black belt. Here are some things in life that earning a Bok Fu Do black belt has nothing in common with: Earning a Bok Fu Do black belt is not like playing sports recreationally. Earning a Bok Fu Do black belt is not like doing a tough homework assignment. Earning a Bok Fu Do black belt is not like going to work everyday. Earning a Bok Fu Do black belt is not like going to the gym and working out. These are all common acts that millions of people play out everyday of their lives. Earning a black belt is not like anything else you will ever do in your life.

Yes you are going to hurt- probably often – of course, you’re an athlete performing at amazingly high levels. Yes there is going to be pressure – a lot of pressure – life is pressure. Yes it is a time commitment – so is anything of true value in lie. Yes it is hard – damn hard, probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Yes the expectations are high – to he or she that much is given, much is expected. Did anyone ever tell you otherwise? However… this is what makes earning a Bok Fu Do black belt so special and so great. Hello? That is why there are not very many. The bar is high and we aren’t going to lower the bar just so you can reach it. How many Olympic hopefuls do you think go to the Olympics? How many athletes ever turn pro? This is rarefied air people. And so is earning a Bok Fu Do black belt.

Focus your energy on how far you have come rather than how far you think you have to go. Focus your energy on learning for the rest of your life and you will no longer worry about how long it is going to take or how far you have to go. These are the thoughts of a true martial artist. We do not study to get to the finish line. There is no finish line. Those that see a finish line are finished.”
This video is great motivation for you Monday…