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Live With Less, A Lot Less


Live With Less, A Lot Less

Our first two Jr Dragons from Lafayette joined our Alamo Jr Dragon sparring class on Monday night! Mr. Lim and Ms. Christie did a fantastic job in their first class!

We are only 43 days away from the Nationals in baltimore. For those going, practices start this Saturday 6/15 at the Alamo school from 12-1pm each week. Here is the USKSF website for all of the information you need on the tournament!

Living With Less. A Lot Less

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
Straight leg kicks up mat
10 push ups
Advanced Reverse straight leg kicks down mat
10 horse stance squats
Inchworms up mat
10 Sit ups with cross punches
Drop stance/ hard bow/ crane down mat
10 V ups

3 Rounds for time
10 Bok Fu Burpees
20 Push Ups
30 Broken Bow Jumps
40 Tuck Jumps
50 Horse Stance Squats

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball torture