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Kill Them With Love!


Kill Them With Love!


Time for some Bok Fu Philosophy!

“If you want to win the World Championships, understand and internalize the following:
Thoughts course through our minds in an endless stream of input. It is a constant ebb and flow, a continuous stream of information that trickles through the channels of our brains culminating into a steady discussion of self talk. Here is where it pays to pay attention. Take the time to listen to what you are saying to yourself. When you do, you will probably find that you don’t really like some of the conversations you are having. Dig a little deeper and you’ll probably find that you don’t even agree with some of the points you are trying so hard to make to yourself. Interesting, isn’t it? This is a classic example of your mind at war with your emotions. Both wish to be the dominant force behind your actions and often work against one another rather than with one another. The greater the pressure you are under, the more potential there is for internal insurrection. When emotions win you act out on your feelings and put your frustration, anger and foolishness on full display for all to see. To the Bok Fu Do master this is the response of an undisciplined, silly little child. To your opponent, it is like blood to the shark. When the mind wins, you make disciplined, intelligent decisions. You are able to harness the power of your emotions and bring them to bear with full force and effectiveness. To the Bok Fu Do master, this is the sign of an intelligent, disciplined, mature adult on their way to becoming a master one day. To your opponent, it is like trying to stare down a tidal wave – there is no escaping the inevitable annihilation of everything caught in its path.

Be swift and decisive in eliminating poor and unproductive thoughts. It’s really no different than someone throwing a punch at your head. Do you really want to get hit by that punch? Are you going to just stand there and watch it rearrange your face? Of course you aren’t – you are going to intercept the attack and redirect the energy towards a positive outcome for yourself. Now do the same thing in your head. Every negative thought you have is of your own making – that means you absolutely have the ability to sniff it out before it hits you. As a Richard Lee black belt, you must not allow yourself to be caught off guard by your own poor thinking. What is going on inside in your brain is a bit more cunning than a real live punch hurling towards your face, but the premise is the same. Learn to intercept the bad thoughts just as you’ve learned to handle that punch coming at your head. Redirect the energy of poor thinking by replacing it with an army of positive thoughts. When you were a green or brown belt, maybe you had to get hit a few times before you learned to do something about it. As a black belt, you appreciate the wisdom of not waiting to get hit before you take action. Don’t think and punch – punch and think about it later. Don’t wait for the negative thought to form – intercept it and replace it with a positive thought.”

20 Guiding Principles Of Karate

These were written by the founder of Shotokan Karate, Gichin Funakoshi. Do you agree with all of them? Can they be applied to your life and Bok Fu Do training?

Kill Them With Love

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