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Keep the acts of kindness coming!


Keep the acts of kindness coming!

Today I made a holiday basket (pictured below) for an elderly neighbor. She lives alone, walks her dog every morning by the house, and is always happy to talk to anyone around. I filled the basket with holiday goodies for her and her dog, brought it over to her house this morning, and spent some time talking to her about her holidays traditions. She gave me the biggest hug as I was leaving and I could see that it genuinely made her happy!

Another inspiring video for our random act! I am so excited about all of the wonderful things that you have all been doing in the last 2 days. You have been making many people very happy! Keep up the amazing work and keep posting!

Here is a wonderful act of kindness by Mrs. Duong! She spent over 6 hours putting together this video of all the pictures she took from the holiday party for underprivileged kids. Fantastic video!

13 Responses

  1. Angela Stein

    Chose to donate not sell 5 boxes full of almost new preschool toys and books.
    Waved and smiled to everyone.
    Passed on a Quote “if mountains were flat they wouldn’t be worth climbing”.

  2. Alex Zipkin

    Now for today’s (December 22): I took time out of packing to critique a friend’s story, which was a rather nice folk story of how Martinez, CA got its name.

  3. Tina Duong

    Today, I went into my closet and went through each and every one of my clothes, asking myself, do I need this? do I still wear this? or how long have I not touched this piece? I found that I loved all of my clothes, old, new, too small, too big … it’s hard to let go. Okay, I am a clothes-hoarder! However, I sorted out all of those that I hadn’t worn in awhile and put them aside. In the end, I got 3 huge bags of clothes which I donated to the American Cancer Research where I know that someone would appreciate them more than them hung in my closet for years.

  4. Jane Ellett

    Today I sent a FB message to a young man who was my student from elementary school through high school at Venture. He is serving in the Navy in Afghanistan. I told him I was having coffee with his mom and we all missed him and looked forward to his return.

  5. Brian Yu

    I was at a piano concert in Napa, and I took a few moments to hold the door open for some people to come through.

  6. Shahidi

    Today my head was racing…. so I decided to be kind to myself and celebrate all the wonderful things that I’ve been blessed with.

  7. Tina Duong

    I found out last night that my friend is in a hospital. This is probably the 100th emergency visit for her for the last three years. She used to be an amazing athlete and very active, then one day she had one surgery to correct some issue, then another to correct the previous surgery, then another, then another … She has had 20+ major surgeries in the last three years and many hospital visit. She went back in again last night. Today, I came to visit her in the hospital, just to be with her by her bed, holding her hand wishing I could transfer some of my Gi to her. She could hardly be awake, but I saw the from the corner of her eyes, the happiness, knowing that in the darkest hour, she still has someone who cares. I wish I could do a lot more for her, but the least, my positive thoughts and cares, hopefully will help healing her in some way.