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It's Tournament Time!!!


It's Tournament Time!!!

Mr. Zipkin and Mr. Cusack's light contact class prepares for the Student Tournament this weekend!

The Student Tournament is this weekend at Stone Valley Middle School! I hope everyone is signed up and excited for Saturday. Student tournaments are an important way to test your ability and improve your martial arts skill. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry there’s still time! Go online to and register to take part in our Spring Tournament. Don’t miss out!

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Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
2 times:
50 Single Jump Rope Jumps
25 Double Unders
1 form in your belt all out
10 Pass Through with Staff
10 Samson Stretch
5 Techniques in your belt all out

AMRAP 12 minutes
1 Wall Walk (start flat on stomach and walk feet up wall until chest touches, walk back down
3 Handstand Push Ups (or clapping push ups as substitute)
5 Bok Fu Burpees
7 V Ups (hold 3 seconds at top of each V Up)
9 Horse Stance Squat with Medicine Ball Throw

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball torture for shoulders/back