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It Starts on TUESDAY…


It Starts on TUESDAY…

Our 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit challenge begins on Tuesday. We hope that you’ll join us for 12 days of random acts of kindness!
Do you need some ideas for your acts of kindness? Take a look at this link from the Random Act of Kindness Foundation and browse their Kindness Ideas.

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Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
10 Straight Leg Kicks
10 Horse Stance Squats
10 Roll Backs
10 Inchworms
20 Seconds, 10 seconds intervals – 4 times
Jog, sprint
Sit ups with cross punches, Sit up hold
Single jump rope, Double unders (substitute high knees, tuck jumps)

AMRAP 15 Minutes
5 Clapping Push ups (advanced – handstand push ups)
10 Back Up to V Up
15 Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw

Warm Down:
5 minutes partner stretching