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Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! While you are at your BBQs with friends and family enjoying the fantastic weather,  take a moment today and remind yourself what this day is all about. Let’s honor all of those service men and women that gave their lives while fighting for our freedom!

This is an incredible inspiring story of strength and perseverance! Remember to just put one foot in front of the other… A Life Reclaimed in Tiny Steps

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
2 times:
10 Forward snap kicks
10 Rear kicks
10 Wheel kicks
10 Straight leg kicks
10 Inchworms
10 Bok Fu Burpees
10 Mountain climbers

1 mile run
100 Push Ups
150 Sit Ups with cross punches
200 Horse Stance Squats
1 mile run

Notes: You can break up the 100, 150, and 200 in any way that you’d like. For example you can do 10 sets of 10 push ups, 15 sit ups and 20 horse stance squats. But all exercises must be completed before the final 1 mile run.

Warm Down:
5 minutes on the foam roller for quads/hips

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