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Happy Birthday, Ms. Newman!


Happy Birthday, Ms. Newman!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the general manager of Richard Lee’s East West Kung Fu, 4th degree black belt, 3 time World Champion, 2 time National Team Women’s head coach, 1st Generation Grandmaster Richard Lee disciple, caring teacher, exemplary student, and very special lady: Ms. Newman!

In this past year of Ms. Newman life was filled with many accomplishments. To name just a few, she became a first time mother to a precious, charismatic little girl, and traveled with her and her husband to Argentina and Brazil for the TWKSF World Championships, where she coached the USA Women’s National Team for the second consecutive time.

Always prepared with a plan and enough enthusiasm to share, she is sure to make this new year of life a great one, not just for herself, but for all of those around her as well — she is a truly great leader!

Ms. Newman, we are so grateful to have you in the school with us. Your passion and dedication to excellence help pull us all up with you as you lead us to better and brighter futures both in Bok Fu Do and in our lives. We hope that all the kindness and joy that you have shared with us all comes back to you a hundred fold, and we wish you the very best that life has to offer and a new year filled with health, happiness, and prosperity.

You can read more about Ms. Newman by clicking here.

Don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday when you see her 🙂