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Happy Birthday Ms. Mitchell!


Happy Birthday Ms. Mitchell!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the one and only – Ms. Mitchell!

Jennie Mitchell began her martial arts training in 1998. Looking for something more challenging than aerobics, something more involved than standard gym fare and wanting some basic skills in order to defend herself if needed, Ms. Mitchell searched for a martial arts school. What she found was a home.

In 2011, Ms. Mitchell helped to open the Lafayette school, and has gone on to grow a wonderful kung fu community in Lafayette.

In 2012, Ms. Mitchell was chosen to be a disciple under Grandmaster Richard Lee. She also traveled to Mendoza, Argentina to earn her International Refereee “A” certification through the World Kuoshu Federation. For many years, she has represented Richard Lee’s East West Kung Fu, Bok Fu Do, and the United States on both an international and world level.

Ms. Mitchell’s joyful personality and welcoming demeanor have been a blessing to our school for many years. Students enjoy her classes for the dynamic combination of focus and fun, and she has helped to advance the art of Bok Fu Do through many years of dedication and passion.

Ms. Mitchell, we wish you a wonderful birthday day and a fabulous year to follow. May your hearts dearest wishes come true!

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