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Happy Birthday Ms. Mitchell!


Happy Birthday Ms. Mitchell!

Today is Ms. Mitchell’s birthday! Ms. Mitchell has been with East West for 16 years now and has been an integral part of our organization since the beginning. Her perseverance and determination in the subject were rewarded when she become the oldest woman ever earn a Black Belt in Bok Fu Do in 2009. Her example has set an unprecedented trend, paving the way for an entire generation of older students looking to do the same. Says Ms. Newman, “She was the first student that I took from the first five lessons all the way through black belt. We have spent many years together and she has always been extremely dedicated and hardworking.” Says Master Buckley, “Mitchell is a giver not a taker; a real doer. No matter what the task, we can always count on Mitchell. She’s a special lady and a huge part of our organization.”

We wanted to take this opportunity, on her birthday, to thank Ms. Mitchell for her dedication to Bok Fu Do and her help in creating the incredible community that’s been built at our Lafayette school. When you see Ms. Mitchell at the Lafayette school today, make sure to wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Here are just a few pictures of Ms. Mitchell through the years at East West…

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