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Happy Birthday Ms. Mannion!


Happy Birthday Ms. Mannion!

Ms. Mannion’s birthday is today! We want to wish her a wonderful day and a very happy and healthy year ahead for her and her family!
Ms. Mannion is a disciple of Grandmaster Lee and a first degree black belt. She began training with us at East West in 2002, when she came into the school with her now husband, Mr Gray. He had been on a long break from East West but once they moved back to the area after college, they both jumped into training head first. Once Ms. Mannion began, she never looked back! She earned her instructor rank after only two years. Ms. Mannion was also part of the USA Team that represented her country and school at the World Tournaments in 2006 in Singapore and 2009 in Germany. After a 2nd place finish in 2006, Ms. Mannion went on to win the World Championships in 2009 in lei tai. She is now an International Referee for the World Kuo Shu Federation. Just this past July, Ms. Mannion earned her Referee A status after very intense training and testing.
Ms. Mannion is also our Tournament Director for East West Kung Fu and has done a fantastic job growing and organizing our Bok Fu Do West Coast Regional Kuoshu Tournaments over the past few years.

To read more about Ms. Mannion, you can find her bio HERE.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures of Ms. Mannion through the years…