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Happy Birthday Ms. Ellett!


Happy Birthday Ms. Ellett!

To day we are celebrating the birthday of 1st degree IBFDA Black Belt and both national and international competitor, the wonderful Ms. Ellett!

Having started her training in 2000, she will be celebrating 16 years of dedication to Bok Fu Do this year, and has touched the lives of many students and staff members over the years. Her jubilant, yet stern approach makes her a favorite among the students. Ms. Ellett is an incredible example to students of all ages, as she shows holds the record for being the person of the most “advanced age” to have gotten a black black belt when she was in her 60’s. She is respected and admired by all who know her for her tenacity and can do attitude.

Ms. Ellett, we cherish having you in the school with us, as we all benefit from your energy and exemplary commitment to your own training and the continued growth of your students and Bok Fu Do. We such you the happiest of birthdays and look forward to many more years learning together with you.

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