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Happy Birthday Ms. Ellett!


Happy Birthday Ms. Ellett!

Today we celebrate the birthday of 1st degree Black Belt and all around amazing person, Ms. Ellett!

Having started her training in 2000, Ms. Ellet came in at a time when she was wrapping up her career as a long time teacher in the San Ramon Valley school district, and now she was looking for a new challenge in her life.

Now 15 years later, she earned her 1st degree black belt rank in 2012 (earning the title of the oldest most mature person to earn their black belt), and has grown to be a widely loved and respected instructor and student at East West Kung Fu. She has also has represented her school, her teachers, and her country in national, international, and world competition.

Her many years of dedication to the art of Bok Fu Do has enriched her life as well as the lives of all that have come to know her.

Ms. Ellett, we think you’re simply wonderful and we love having your smiling face and kind heart in the school with us. We hope you enjoy celebrating your birthday today and we look forward to many more years of continued learning, happiness, and health with us here at East West Kung Fu!

You can read more about Ms. Ellet by clicking here.