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Happy Birthday Ms. Dominguez!


Happy Birthday Ms. Dominguez!

Today is a very special lady’s birthday! Ms. Dominguez is celebrating another incredible year of life today and we wanted to take a moment to wish her the happiest of birthdays.

Ms. Dominguez is a cornerstone of our organization and an incredible example of what a true Grandmaster Richard Lee disciple and black belt should encompass. Ms. Dominguez has been with us at East West Kung Fu since 2000. In that short time she has accomplished a great deal and has risen to the position of Deputy General Manager for our schools. She is a disciple of Grandmaster Lee, a 2nd degree Richard Lee Black Belt and a 4 time World Champion. She is an International “B” referee with The World Kuoshu Federation and has earned the prestigious title of the USKSF Female Lei Tai Competitor of the Year on 6 different occasions.

While Ms. Dominguez’s in-ring abilities have certainly inspired the students of East-West, it is her quiet, respectful and humble nature that impresses the most. For all her accomplishments, she remains first and foremost a caring, dedicated teacher to her students. Her creative and enthusiastic teaching style has made her a favorite among the students of East-West. Master Buckley has often commented that Ms. Dominguez is as genuine and sincere a person you could ever hope to meet.

Says her personal trainer Ms. Newman, “Of all my personal students, Ms. Dominguez is the one that I have spent the most time with. Between working with her to black belt, training for three world tournaments with her, and spending time with her on a daily basis training her in the business, there is no one else that has had more of my attention than Ms. Dominguez. I am incredibly proud of the martial artist, teacher and person that she has developed into. She has dedicated her life to Bok Fu Do and her teachers, and she has reaped the benefits of her unparalleled loyalty, determination and kind spirit.”

Ms. Dominguez, we hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that the next year of your life brings you all of the continued happiness, success and love that you deserve!

With the history and accomplishments that Ms. Dominguez has with East West, we could have put up a book of photos. But we decided to select a few of our favorites and most memorable events over the years. For a full bio of Ms. Dominguez, please visit her disciple page HERE.