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Happy Birthday Ms. Baker!


Happy Birthday Ms. Baker!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a very special lady: 1st generation disciple of Grandmaster Lee, 1st Degree IBFDA Black belt, San Ramon school manager, 3 time world champion, and all around wonderful person… Ms. Baker!

Ms. Baker came to East West in 2006 and demonstrated great dedication and passion for Bok Fu Do. Just three years later in 2009, she earned her instructor rank, and in that same year, she went on to qualify for the US National team for the 2009 TWKSF World Kuoshu Kung Fu Championships. There, she had many great performances and went on to win her first world championship title, as well as best female competitor at the 2009 games. Since then, she has continued her competition experience competing at both national and international levels regularly, and has gone on to receive the top female lei tai competitor award several times at the International US Kuoshu Championships, and has won in her weight division at the TWKSF World Kuoshu Kung Fu Championships at the 2012 games in Malaysia, and most recently the 2015 games in Argentina, making her a 3 time consecutive world champion!

In addition to her accomplishments out side of the school, Ms. Baker dedicates herself day in and day out to the continued excellence of the Bok Fu Do system through her commitment and care through managing the San Ramon school. The students she works with love her energy and enthusiasm that she brings to each class and each lesson, and every day she shares the wisdom passed to her from her teachers to the next generations of students.

Ms. Baker, you truly make a difference in the lives of those who’s lives you touch. Your example of hard work and courage is a great inspiration to your students and classmates, and a testiment to the student teacher relationship that you have cultivated over the years. May this birthday bring you more joy than ever, and we look forward to celebrating many more years of growth and kung fu adventures with you.

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