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Happy Birthday Ms. Baker!


Happy Birthday Ms. Baker!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a very special young lady: 1st Degree Black Belt, two time World Champion, and San Ramon school class manager, Ms. Kaylee Baker!

Having started her martial arts training at the age of 13 at another school, Ms. Baker found her way to East West Kung Fu in Alamo in 2006 and enthusiastically dedicated herself to her training. By 2007, she was traveling with the school to compete nationally and internationally, and in 2009, her dedication and courage resulted in earning her instructor rank AND winning her first World Championship title in Germany.

Since then she has travelled all over the world with the her teachers and team mates, competing and seeing the world, always looking for the next challenge and adventure as she grows her martial arts skills both in the schools, on the lei tai (fighting platform), and in life through her full time dedication to Bok Fu Do. In fact, she is currently training for a shot at her third world championship title!

Ms. Baker spends her days in San Ramon, cultivating the same level of excellence that she has demonstrated over the years in the students she works with on a daily basis. Her enthusiasm and care are felt by all, and she is an integral part of East West Kung Fu schools.

Ms. Baker, we wish you a very happy birthday and we are so happy to have you with us. Here’s to another exciting year of life at East West Kung Fu!

Click here to read more about Ms. Bakers accomplishments, or you can sponsor her for the world tournament training efforts by clicking here!

Here are some pictures from Ms. Bakers many adventures with East West Kung Fu: