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Happy Birthday Mrs. Silverman!


Happy Birthday Mrs. Silverman!

It’s Mrs. Silverman’s birthday today! Please make sure to send her your birthday wishes when you see her in the school today.

Mrs. Silverman began studying with us at East West in 2001 as a way to spend time with her 3 young children. It quickly became a passion for the entire family and they all have continued their training ever since! Mrs. Silverman has been around the world with us a competed in various National and International competitions. Most significantly, she traveled with the team and competed at the 2006 World Tournament in Singapore and the 2012 World Championships in Malaysia. In 2012, after years of dedication and persistence, Mrs. Silverman earned her 1st Degree Richard Lee Black Belt with her classmates and close friends, Ms. Ellett and Mrs. Curran. She continues her training to this day and is now working hard at producing her first black belt student.

Here are some wonderful words from Mrs. Silverman about her time at East West:
“When I first walked into East West I could never have imagined the impact that choice would have for myself and my family. BokFuDo, for me, is a lifelong journey of self discovery, self fulfillment, and personal growth. I have learned to embrace the ever present opportunities to challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally. In so doing, I realized that I am capable of accomplishing so much more than I ever thought possible, and that I have the ability to continually redefine my own idea of self -imposed personal limitations.

I always strive to apply the insights gained to other areas of my life both professionally and personally. My greatest satisfaction as an instructor is in helping my students discover and embrace their own personal strengths.

East West is a community of very special and caring people and my family and I are proud and grateful to be a part of this extended family.”

Have a wonderful birthday Silvermom and thank you for bring such an important part of our Bok Fu Do and Black Belt family!

A few of our favorite pictures of Mrs. Silverman through the years.