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Happy birthday Mrs. Silverman!


Happy birthday Mrs. Silverman!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of 1st degree black belt and all around amazing woman: Mrs. Silverman!

Mrs. Silverman is originally from Boston, MA but has called California her home for the past 23 years. She began studying Bok Fu Do in 2001 with her 3 young children as a way to spend quality time together. Currently, her son Aaron is working towards his instructor rank, her son Ethan is a 1st degree black belt, and her daughter Rebeccca is a Brown Belt instructor. Mrs. Silverman was a member of the USKSF group that traveled to China in 2004. She has competed and earned medals at numerous tournaments both nationally and internationally. In 2007, Mrs. Silverman trained and competed in Baltimore in Full contact Lei Tai, taking 3rd place in her weight class division and earning the distinction of being the first East West mother ever to compete in Lei Tai at the Nationals. Mrs. Silverman has organized both the 4th of July parade and the charity children’s holiday party for many years. “East West Kung Fu makes such a positive impact on our community and it’s always an honor to be part of that experience.”While juggling home life, and a demanding professional career, Mrs. Silverman, affectionately known as “Silvermom”, is one of only three mothers to earn the rank of Black Belt and is one of only two mother/child Black Belt duos.

In the time that she had been with East West Kung Fu, her students, her peers, and her teachers have come to know her as a woman who cares deeply for those around her, and those around her have grown to care deeply for her. It’s a pleasure to have such a bright, uplifting personality such as her around, and we look forward to many more years of fun, learning, and growth together.

Mrs. Silverman, may you enjoy this day to the fullest. Your Bok Fu Do family wishes you all the best!

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