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Happy Birthday Mrs. Buckley!


Happy Birthday Mrs. Buckley!

Today is Mrs. Buckley’s birthday! When you see her at the school, please take a moment and wish her a very happy day!

Mrs. Buckley has been an integral part of our school ever since she began in 1996. Over the last 19 years, she has not only established a name for herself in our organization, but also in the international Kuoshu community. Mrs. Buckley earned her black belt in 2004 and is currently a 2nd degree black belt, working hard towards her 3rd degree. She is a disciple of Grandmaster Lee and has produced 4 of her own black belt students. She is also a well recognized International A referee through the World Kuoshu Federation and earned the title of Judge of the Year for the USKSF in 2013. 10 years ago Mrs. Buckley started our summer camp program at East West and it has blossomed into one of our most successful events of the year. Her hard work, creativity, caring spirit and passion for her students are some of the qualities that we admire most about her.
We look forward to a lifetime of growth with Mrs. Buckley in the Bok Fu Do system!

Enjoy your day Mrs. Buckley and here’s to another incredible year of a life that already has so much to be proud of!

Here are a few pictures through the years…