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Happy Birthday Mrs. Buckley!


Happy Birthday Mrs. Buckley!

Today is a very special day, indeed. We are celebrating the birthday of someone that is widely regarded as an amazing person, teacher, student, and friend: Mrs. Buckley!

Mrs. Jurewicz Buckley found her way to East West in 1996. She has been an instructor at our schools since 1998 and earned her black belt in 2005. Mrs. Buckley has been a disciple of Grandmaster Lee since 2004. She is currently a 3rd degree black belt in Bok-Fu-Do and holds the rank of 3rd Tuan (black sash) through the World Kuo Shu Federation, having competed both nationally and internationally for many years. She has also earned certification through the World Kuo Shu Federation as an International “A level” Referee in 2008, and has been an Executive Referee at very prestigious tournaments all around the world.

A teacher by profession, Mrs. Buckley brings many years of hard earned teaching experience to her classes and lessons. Her passion for the subject is apparent to anyone who works with her, and her care an encouragement has touched many hearts over the 20 years that she has been at East West.

Mrs. Buckley, we wish you all the best for your birthday today and for the many years to come. You are a special part of our Bok Fu Do family, and we sincerely hope to celebrate many more years with you!

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