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Happy Birthday Mr. Hodge!


Happy Birthday Mr. Hodge!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of 1st generation disciple, 2 time world kung fu champion, 2nd degree black belt, Alamo school manager, and all around great guy: Mr. Hodge!

After starting martial arts in 1999, Mr. Hodge received his first degree black belt in the Bok Fu Do system in 2006. Over the years, he competed both nationally and internationally, but in 2012, he qualified for the first time to represent the USA at the world championships in Malaysia. After many rounds with competitors from across the globe, Mr. Hodge won his first world championship title.

In 2014, after many years of working at Roll Royce, he decided to put his black belt belief and bravery into action and quit his job to be at East West full time starting in 2015. He had already been teaching and training for many years, but he made the decision to commit himself fully to his martial arts training and teaching, in hopes of one day achieving his Master’s degree in Bok Fu Do.

Then, in 2015, Mr. Hodge attempted to secure a spot for the 2015 world championship team, and had a fantastic performance, but didn’t make it. He continued to train with the team all through the world tournament preparation and was selected to compete in forms divisions, so his focus and dedication never wained. When he stepped off the plane in Mendoza, Argentina, Master Buckley informed him that the person in his weight division that was to represent the USA was unable to make it out of the country and they needed someone to step in to fill the spot. Being ready and willing, Mr. Hodge agreed, and he went on to win in his second world championship title!

These days you will find Mr. Hodge mostly in Alamo, where he manages the school and shares his passion for Bok Fu do with the staff and students of the school. Students appreciate his tough love approach and always learn a lot from his no nonsense approach and energetic classes.

Mr. Hodge, we wish you all the best on your special day and look forward to many more years of learning, teaching, and sharing adventures with you!

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