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Happy Birthday, Mr. Gray!


Happy Birthday, Mr. Gray!

Today we celebrate the birthday of 1st generation disciple, 1st degree Black Belt, and all around great guy: Mr. Gray!

Sean Gray began studying Bok Fu Do in 1991 after doing his Senior High School Project on the history of martial arts. He earned his instructor rank in 1995 and competed in his first International tournament in 1996. Although personal matters and completing his college degree put his training on hold, he never doubted he would reach his goal of Black Belt. Returning to East West for good in 2003, with future wife Meghan Mannion, Mr. Gray was determined to finish what he started over twelve years earlier. In 2009, he did just that – receiving his 1st Degree Black Belt with classmates Jennie Mitchell and Allen Parco.

Mr. Gray has been a disciple under Grandmaster Lee since 2012. He was a member of the USKSF group that traveled to mainland China in 2004 and 2010. Mr. Gray earned his International ‘B’ Referee certification through the TWKSF in 2010. He has represented Richard Lee’s West Coast Team at the International Kuoshu Championships as well as the United States at world level tournaments. He has also competed for the United States at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th TWKSF World Kuo Shu Championships in Singapore (2006), Germany (2009) and Malaysia (2012) respectively. He has gold medaled twice at the worlds – in open hand forms division (2006) and two man set division (2009).

In 2015, he traveled to the World Championship in Mendoza, Argentina where we trained and certified to become an international referee level A, and assisted with running and organizing the world championship tournament.

Mr. Gray, we wish you all the best on your special day today, and hope to have you continue your journey with us through many more years of growing, learning, and laughing together. Happy birthday!

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