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Happy Birthday Mr. Cusack!


Happy Birthday Mr. Cusack!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a very special person:  1st Generation Disciple of Grandmaster Lee, 1st Degree IBFDA Black Belt, International Referee A through The World Kuoshu Federation, and 2003 USA Team Member… Mr. Cusack!

Despite a very busy work schedule at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco, Mr. Cusack is dedicated to his continued growth and contribution to the Bok Fu Do system, teaching classes and students every week. Students enjoy his hands on and enthusiastic teaching methods, as well as his kindhearted, caring approach around the school.

This past year, Mr. Cusack received the 2015 Judge of the Year award at the prestigious U.S. International Kuoshu Championship in Baltimore, Maryland. He also traveled with the U.S. Team to the World tournament in Mendoza, Argentina and certified for the International Referee Level A, the top level referee certification in the TWKSF.

Mr. Cusack, you have been and continue to be an important part of our organization, and we cherish having you with us. We wish you a year full of continued growth, joy, and prosperity in your new year of life. Happy Birthday!

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