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Happy Birthday Mr. Collin Lee!


Happy Birthday Mr. Collin Lee!

We’d like to wish Mr. Collin Lee a very Happy Birthday today (as well as a Happy Halloween)!
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It is hard to believe that the 3 1/2 year old boy that walked into East West Alamo over 21 years ago, is turning a quarter century old today! Mr. Lee has been a staple of the Bok Fu Do system since he started with us. Traveling with the team to almost every local, national and international competition, participating in every school event and demonstration, becoming a forms champion and eventually a lei tai champion as well, and always displaying a respectful and humble demeanor, Mr. Lee is a model for what it means to be a true Richard Lee Bok Fu Do Black Belt in mind, body and spirit.

As the youngest student to ever receive a junior black belt at the age of only 13, Mr. Lee has paved the way for our younger generation of students that wish to follow in his footsteps. He is a role model for these kids, showing them in leading by example what dedication, humility, and courage are all about.

Says Master Buckley of his student Mr. Lee, “I’ve worked with Collin since he was three and half and he’s always been a great kid. For all those kids that want to be like Collin his secret to success is simple – he listened to what I and the other teachers told him and he did exactly that. He’s the most respectful, conscientious, hard working kid I’ve ever worked with. And the results of those traits speak for themselves.”

Just recently, Mr. Lee made the life changing decision to make Bok Fu Do his career. In a move that seemed to be destined for him since he was a young boy, Mr. Lee made his way back to East West after college in Georgetown and a small stint in Wisconsin. We are thrilled to have Mr. Lee as part of our management team at East West and know that he will be a significant player in the long term growth and developed of the system, our schools, and all of our students.

Some words from Mr. Lee about his time training at East West:
“I could talk about how training at East West has developed my body in ways that I could never have imagined; how it has made me faster and stronger than I could have ever wished for; or how it has given me the confidence, self-esteem, and wisdom to pursue goals outside of my comfort zone that no other sport could. I could also expound for hours on how my training at East West has allowed me to experience new feelings that most individuals would never have the privilege of experiencing, be that competing on a world stage or watching your own personal student achieve a new rank within the system. The fact is, East West is every one of these things. But most importantly, East West has been there for me as the model of what I want in my life. From a young toddler, through the tumultuous teen years, and now into young adulthood, East West has been there to guide me through my personal character development, as they are there to guide me through my martial arts journey. As East West has been the prime influencing factor in the young man I have become, I hope that I too can be a model for a newer, younger generation of East West kids.”

For a full bio on Mr. Collin Lee, please visit his page on our website HERE

When a student has been with the school for over 20 years and has literally “grown up” in the system, it is very hard to pick just a couple pictures. So we’ve decided to give you all a small gallery with pictures of Mr. Lee through the years!