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Happy Birthday Master Buckley!


Happy Birthday Master Buckley!

Today we celebrate the birthday of a key figure in the Bok Fu Do system – a man who’s accomplishments are too many to list, but who’s impact has been felt profoundly by all those who have had the honor to know him: Master Buckley.

Master Buckley has dedicated his life to the art Bok Fu Do and the East West schools, and his life reads like a remarkable story of dedication, passion, and great feats of service to the continued growth of East West Kung Fu and Bok Fu Do. Just in this past year of his life, he went on to coach the U.S. National team at the 5th World Kuoshu (Kung Fu) Championships in Mendoza, Argentina for and unprecedented 5th time. He also earned his 7th degree IBFDA black belt at the prestigious Certification Weekend, where Grandmaster Lee presented his rank personally. Additionally, this week, he will celebrate his 30th year in the system of Bok Fu Do, and many will be gathering this weekend to honor this incredible milestone in his career.

It is through Master Buckley’s effort and care that so many of his students have found success and continued growth in their lives both in and out of the schools, as he is truly a master teacher, assisting his students to transform themselves mind, body, and spirit. The lessons he gives are truly invaluable to those who learn from him, and his legacy high standards for the system and his students and staff have propelled Bok Fu Do into a world class standing.

Master Buckley, we are all so grateful to be able to learn from your hard earned wisdom, and we wish for you feel truly celebrated and honored not just today, but all of your days. May this coming year of life bring you all the joys and successes that are dearest to you heart.

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