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Happy Birthday Master Buckley!


Happy Birthday Master Buckley!

Today is Master Buckley’s birthday! In his nearly 30 years with East West, Master Buckley has done more for our schools and our system than anyone aside from his teacher, Grandmaster Lee. East West would not be what it is today without his selfless commitment to each and every one of the staff and students in each of our schools. His martial arts accolades are numerous, but what his students admire most about our teacher is his passion for Bok Fu Do and passing that information on to all those he touches! He is a living example of what it means to be a great Master in the system of Bok Fu Do! He is the reason that so many of us are able to reap the invaluable benefits of our Bok Fu Do training on a daily basis! If you see Master Buckley today, please take a moment and wish him a happy birthday!

Thank you Master Buckley for leading by example, teaching your students what it means live what you preach and showing us what true passion and commitment are all about! We hope that you enjoy your day and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you in this great system of Bok Fu Do!

We could do a huge picture history of Master Buckley in the Bok Fu Do System, but here are just a few!

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