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Happy Birthday Dr. Panella!


Happy Birthday Dr. Panella!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of the incredible, Dr. Panella!

Dr. Panella’s journey into martial arts began in 1991 at the age of forty-eight. He has been an instructor at East-West since 1994. Dr.Panella has been a disciple of Grandmaster Lee since 2002 and he earned his black belt in 2004 at the young age of sixty-one. Dr.Panella holds the rank of 2nd degree black belt in Bok Fu Do and a 2nd Tuan (black sash) under the World Kuo Shu Federation.

Dr. Panella has consistently participated at the International Kuo Shu Championships in Baltimore, MD since 1996. From 1996-2004, he competed in forms and weapons divisions. From 2006-2010, Dr. Panella served as an official of the tournament, judging forms, weapons and as a Lei Tai corner judge. In 2011, Dr. Panella earned certification as a TWKSF International “A level” Referee. He performed as an Executive Referee for the USKSF from 2011-2015. Dr. Panella represented the United States as an Executive Referee at the 4th TWKSF World Kuo Shu Championships in Malaysia and the 5th World Kuo Shu Championships in Argentina.

Dr. Panella represented the United States in forms and weapons competition at the 1st TWKSF World Kuoshu (Kung-Fu) Tournament in Brazil (2003) and the 2nd TWKSF World Tournament in Singapore (2006). He was also a member of the USKSF group that traveled to China in 2002.

Dr. Panella was the Co-Sponsor for the 2012 U.S. International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament in Baltimore, MD. He has also been a constant supporter over the years of the many East-West U.S. teams that have competed all over the world. He is the head of the Senior Advanced Training Department at Richard Lee’s East-West Kung-Fu school.

Dr. Panella is an exceptional example for our adult students, exemplifying how martial arts is a life long learning experience, and how if you just keep moving, you can live a life of health, fun, and growth.

Dr. Panella, we wish you the best of birthdays, and look forward to many more years of learning and adventures with you!

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