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Happy Birthday Dr. Panella!


Happy Birthday Dr. Panella!

Happy birthday to Dr. Panella!

As a loyal student, you don't get presents on your give your teacher money! Right black belts?

As a loyal student, you don’t get presents on your birthday…you give your teacher money! Right black belts?

Dr. Panella has been at East West since 1991! In the 23 years he has been a part of our schools, he’s been a constant figure and shown dedication to the system, his teachers, his classmates and his students. Dr. Panella has been an instructor for 20 years since 1994 and has been a disciple of Grandmaster Lee since 2002. He earned his black belt in 2004 at the young age of sixty-one and has gone on to earn his 2nd degree black belt and is now working hard towards his 3rd degree.

We all admire Dr. Panella’s ability to remain consistent and dedicated as the years go on. At the time, he was the most senior person to earn a Richard Lee Bok Fu Do Black Belt. He is in charge of our Senior Development Program and he is helping to lead our senior generation of students in a direction of maintaining health and happiness and overall strength of mind, body and spirit throughout their golden years.

While Dr. Panella’s martial arts accomplishments are numerous (you can read his full bio HERE), his fellow disciples and black belts admire him most for his caring spirit and sense of humor. You can always count on Dr. Panella for a fun anecdote and bringing his sense of humor to any situation. His loyalty and dedication to us all is remarkable, and it is just a piece of his very fulfilled life with his family and friends.

Some words from Dr. Panella about his time at East West…
“What is Bok Fu Do? To me it is fun, friendly, forming relationships (locally, nationally, and internationally). But, most of all, it is Family. During my 20 plus years at East West it has become a second home. The quality of the instructors, and students is of the highest level. The professionalism is beyond reproach. It is physically challenging but mentally rewarding. At this stage in my life it is definitely delaying the aging process. I look at it as Alzheimer’s prevention.”

Dr. P, we hope you have a fantastic birthday celebration and here’s to another wonderful year of your life!