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East West Schedule from July 24th – 28th


East West Schedule from July 24th – 28th

Attention Students:

As the vast majority of our staff will be attending and competing at the International Kuoshu Championships in Baltimore this year, we will have a modified schedule from Thursday, July 24th through Monday, July 28th. There will be no classes held at the San Ramon and Lafayette schools, but the Alamo school will be open to all of our students from any location.

All classes will return to normal on Monday, July 28th except for the 11-12 morning class will be held in Alamo. Below is the schedule that will run at the Alamo school.

Thursday 6/24

11:00 Group Open (Ages 10+)
11:30 Tac Open (ages 10+)

4:00 Tiger Cub W-WY
4:30 Tiger Cub Y-YO
5:00 Tiger Cub O-OP-P
5:30 Tac W-Y
6:00 Group Open
6:30 Tac O-P
7:00 Group Open
7:30 Tac BGBR

Friday 6/25

4:00 Tiger Cub W-WY-Y-YO
4:30 Tiger Cub O-OP-P
5:30 Tac Open
6:00 Group Open
6:30 Adult Tac Open

Saturday 6/26

10:00 Tiger Cub

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10:00 Adult Group
10:30 Tiger Cub O-OP-P
10:30 Adult Tac W-P2
11:00 Group Bok Fu Fitness
11:30 Jr. Dragon Tac W-P2
11:30 Tac B-G-BR

Thank you for your understanding as our staff represents East West at the International Kuoshu Championships in Baltimore!