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Earth Day 2011 and free coffee!


Earth Day 2011 and free coffee!

Happy Earth Day 2011! Here are a few videos to inspire thought today. It’s very easy to think about the small things and forget about the things that are bigger than any one of us. Today is a great reminder about our beautiful planet and all we must to do to make sure that it stays that way! And make sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post to find out about free Starbucks!

Chris Jordon is an artist, photographer and International eco-ambassador for Earth Day. His TED talk, although about 10 minutes, is well worth the time. His explanation of excess, especially the visual of the number of paper cups we use daily, helps up think about ways we can do more for our world.

Free Starbucks on Earth Day!
Yep, that’s right. In honor of earth day 2011, bring a reusable mug or tumbler into any starbucks and you’ll get a free coffee or tea. You get to celebrate Earth Day, do something good for the planet, and get your morning cup of coffee for free!

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  1. Janice Loo

    Great posts ! How we as a people have gone so far astray from the basics remind me of what Gandhi said. If you put ” I want ” in front of each of the seven social sins, it brings home to each of us.

    Seven Social Sins
    Wealth Without Work
    Pleasure Without Conscience
    Knowledge Without Character
    Commerce Without Morality
    Science Without Humanity
    Worship Without Sacrifice
    Politics Without Principle


    God have mercy on us ! We are indeed a needy people. That is why we read in Palms….The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.

    Enough from me 🙂