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Don't mess with Ms. Malone!


Don't mess with Ms. Malone!

Be careful, this is what happens when you make Ms. Malone mad….

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Grappling class starts Tuesday night! Come join Mr. Parco/Mr. Gray in Alamo and Mr. Hodge in San Ramon from 6-7pm Tuesday nights for our new grappling classes. Orange belt and above and 13 years and older are welcome to try this new class. Don’t miss it!

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
5 techniques in your belt tai ji style
5 forward snap kicks, 5 rear kicks, 5 wheel kicks each leg
Drop stance/ hardbow/ crane up and down mat
Straight leg kicks up and down mat
Inchworms up and down mat
Broad Jumps up and down mat
1 minute Running in place
1 minute Mountain Climbers
1 minute Partner Push Ups

4 Rounds for time:
5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Navy Seal Ups
15 Push Ups Rows
20 Broken Bow Jumps
25 Horse Stance Squats

Warm Down:
5 minutes belt stretching