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DIY #50 – In honor of our fiftieth!


DIY #50 – In honor of our fiftieth!

Here’s a video to get you motivated before you do the Fantastic Fifty!

Warm Up:
5 minute warm up routine
400 M run
1 form from your belt full speed

The Fantastic Fifty…remember this one?
50 tuck jumps
50 heel hands on heavy bag
50 hardbow/broken bow lunges
50 back ups
50 hs squats with medicine ball throw
50 elbows twist on heavy bag
50 heel/wheel/thrust kicks (25 each leg)
50 v ups
50 bok fu burpees
50 jump rope jumps (consecutive – add 5 for every time you stop)

Warm Down:
5 minutes on foam roller for hips and quads
5 minutes ball torture for shoulders
(do this warm down or you will be sore tomorrow)

1 Response

  1. Laura

    Awesome video (you post so many wonderful ones). The beginning of this one shows a team doing a “haka.” East West (perhaps with a little help from Mr. McKay) needs a Haka!