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DIY #24 – What's in season?


DIY #24 – What's in season?

Warm Up:
3 times
5 push ups with hand release
10 sit ups with cross punches
15 horse stance squats

Work Out:
For time:
800M Run (or substitute 150 jump rope jumps)
20, 15, 10, 5 reps of each of the following exercises
Bok Fu Burpees
Rear Kick Plank
Horse Stance Squat with medicine ball throw
Back Extension off the box (or back up if you don’t have the box or someone to hold your feet)
800M Run (or substitute another 150 jump rope jumps)

Warm Down:
Partner stretching if you have one with you
Straight leg drive heel down
Side kick drive heel down
Samson stretch as partner pulls shoulders back
Sitting with legs apart, partner pushes down on back

For those of you that buy your produce from farmer’s markets, you may have noticed that some of the fruits and veggies aren’t available as the weather has started to change. Check out the seasonality chart above for reference of what’s in season now! Even if you buy from a grocery store, buying what’s in season and buying local can help reduce the impact on the environment.

2 Responses

  1. Karen

    I’m finding that my back is sore from sit ups on the box. Not because of the sit up but because of the sharp edges of the square box. I wonder if we can substitute a large ball, such as one of the Swedish balls to use for sit ups. The rounded corners will be more forgiving and still provide the platform form the sit up, and back extension. If so, I wonder if each school could invest in one?