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DIY #19 – It's hard to believe it's week 7 already!


DIY #19 – It's hard to believe it's week 7 already!

Warm Up:
2 Rounds of
400M Run
10 scorpions
10 hip/back extensions off of the box (if you don’t have a box do 20 back ups). This is the exercise we didn’t have time for everyone to try on Sunday
10 horse stance squats

On the minute every minute for 20 minutes:
10 sit ups with cross punches
Max number of Bok Fu Burpee Box Jump (yes, you just read that right. check out the notes for instructions on this!)

Warm Down:
1 minute Horse Stance Stretch
1 minute shoulder stretch on bar (grab bar from behind with both hands and lower yourself to the ground)
3 minutes rolling out your back and shoulders on the foam roller

For 20 minutes you will start each minute with 10 sit ups with cross punches followed immediately by Bok Fu Burpee Box Jumps for the rest of the minute. At the start of the next minute do another 10 sit ups and then right back to BF Burpee Box Jump. To count your score, record the total number of BF Burpee Box Jumps over the 20 minutes.
A Bok Fu Burpee Box Jump is a Bok Fu Burpee and on the jump portion, do a Box Jump from Sundays BFF workout. Remember the modification for this. You can do the crane stance step up on the box. If you are doing this workout at home and don’t have a box, substitute with tuck jumps, but make sure your knees touch a certain height on the jump.

Here’s a video in honor of Mr. McKay to get you motivated for your workout. Talk about chi!