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Be there or be square!


Be there or be square!


Mark your calendars for the Black Belt Seminar Weekend this January  29th and 30th! Come learn all about important aspects of training to be a black belt from the black belts themselves! G0 to our website or click here to register.

SATURDAY January 29th:

9:00am in ALAMO – Bok Fu Philosophy with Grandmaster Lee

Bok Fu Do is a way of life. Learn about the founding philosophies of  our great system from the founder himself, Grandmaster Richard Lee. This is a truly unique and incredible opportunity to learn about the spirit of Bok Fu Do, don’t miss it.

9:00am  in SAN RAMON – Family Kick Pad Seminar with Ms. Dominguez and  Ms. Mitchell

Kids bring your parents so they can learn how to hold the pads
properly for you so you can have fun hitting the pad at home, too!

12:30pm in SAN RAMON – Power Training with Master Buckley

The most powerful punch is the one you don’t see coming. Come
experience the thrill of working with Head Teacher, Master Buckley, as
he shows you how to increase your speed and power to set you on your
way to hitting like a Black Belt Master!

1:30pm in SAN RAMON – Thesis Staff Seminar with Mr. Bogolub

Did you know that you have to create your own thesis staff form as a requirement for your black belt? If you want to learn a cool new spin to help spice up your current or future thesis staff form, this seminar is a must!

3:00 in SAN RAMON – Women’s Self Defense Seminar with Master Futini and Mrs. Maher

Ladies… bring your friends! You’ll be in for an exciting afternoon of learning how to handle an attack situation. Open to students and non-students alike, we encourage all women to join us for this potentially life saving seminar!

4:00 in SAN RAMON – Performance Mass Attack Training with Mr. McKay, Mr. Hodge and Mr. Silverman

The best martial artists are the ones who understand a how a strike works from both sides. Come learn tips on creating killer mass attacks as well as learn how to dummy to add depth to your understanding of how to make the movements work. A whole team of black belts will help you perfect the fine art of dummying and the exciting art of delivering the perfect mass attack performance!

SUNDAY January 30th

8:00 am in ALAMO – Bok Fu Fitness Hike with Ms. Newman, Ms. Sosa and Ms. Mannion

Looking to mix up your Bok Fu Workout? Take it outside, and scale the hills of Alamo with a Bok Fu Fitness twist to get your Sunday morning off to a fun, heart pumping work out with Ms. Newman, Ms. Sosa and Ms. Mannion.

10:30am in ALAMO – Intro to Lei Tai with Mr. Parco & Mr. Gray

3 Time World Champion Mr. Parco and experienced National Competitor
Mr. Gray will introduce you to the basics of one of the most
prestigious tournament events – Lei Tai!

11:30am in ALAMO – Wellness Seminar with Ms. Campbell and Dr. Panella

Come familiarize yourself with the important points of understanding
and fueling your body for better Bok-Fu performance and overall health!

1:00pm in ALAMO – Multiple Attacker Self Defense Seminar with Ms.  Malone & Ms. Brown

What would you do if you were surrounded on all sides by attackers? Get familiar with the most deadly targets and learn how to navigate this sticky situation so that your defense will be quick and effective.

2:00pm in ALAMO – Strength Training Seminar with Mr. Worden

Learn weight lifting basics to compliment your martial arts training.