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Another fantastic International competition for Bok Fu Do team USA!


Another fantastic International competition for Bok Fu Do team USA!


Our Bok Fu Do team just returned from the 14th International Kuoshu Championships held in Neu-Ulm, Germany on October 11th. The tournament was held by Master Alex Czech, president of the German Kuoshu Federation and long time friend of Master Buckley. They first met at the 6th ICKF world tournament in 1989 and have kept a close relationship ever since. Our students have been coming to Master Czech’s tournaments since 1998, and this year we brought our biggest team yet. Our team consisted of Master Buckley, Master Ozuna, Mrs. Newman, Ms. Dominguez, Mr. Collin Lee, Mr. Hodge, Ms. Baker, Ms. Berch, Mr. Stamm, Mrs. Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Ogata, Ms. Camozzi, Ms. Lay, Mr. Fitzsimmons, and Ms. Fitzsimmons. The team was excited to have Grandmaster Huang in attendance as well. International tournaments like these provide opportunities to spend valuable time with him.

Master Buckley and Mrs. Newman spent the day coaching the USA team and watching the forms divisions, while Master Ozuna helped referee the lei tai events. The Bok Fu Do team showed great enthusiasm and excitement throughout the competition day. Through their hard work and effort, the team had a very successful showing. The team finished with a combined 29 first place finishes, 15 second place finishes, and 9 third place finishes overall.

Our lei tai team, consisting of Ms. Dominguez, Mr. Lee, Mr. Hodge, Ms. Berch, Ms. Baker, Mr. Stamm and Ms. Lay, all got invaluable experience that will serve them well in their quest to secure a spot on the USA National Team that will be selected this summer for the World Tournament to be held in Argentina in September of 2015.

We sincerely appreciate all the support that the team has received in training for this tournament. From our wonderful staff at East West that held down the fort at all 3 locations while we were away, to the consistent training partners that the lei tai team had in sparring sessions in preparation for the event, the team thanks you all. It is a testament to the great people that we have in the Bok Fu Do system and the unwavering support we receive in our efforts to continue the legacy of International competition that Grandmaster Lee began back in 1975.

Here are some photo albums from the tournament and our travels. More will be posted soon…

14th IKC Tournament – Germany
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