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A Poem To The Bullied and Beautiful


A Poem To The Bullied and Beautiful

Congratulations to Dr. Mates on his green belt at Top Gun testing last night! Great energy from everyone!

Growing Moral Intelligence in Athletes

This is a great article about the ethical choices that we make and how to develop the right habits in our young athletes. But it definitely isn’t just for our kids! We can all benefit from these reminders.

A Poem To The Bullied and Beautiful

Please pardon the one swear word in this video, but it was absolutely too powerful not to post!

Video from KarmaTube

Bok Fu Fitness

Warm Up:
2 times:
1 minute of jump rope
Straight leg kicks up and down mat
inchworms up and down mat
Broad Jumps up and down mat
Samson Stretch up and down mat
10 Scorpions

20 seconds on, 10 second rest for 8 rounds of the following:
Horse Stance Squats (advanced Ninja Pistols)
Push Ups (advanced Handstand Push Ups)
V Ups
Chicken Lunges

You will do 20 seconds of horse stance squats then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 8 times. Then 20 seconds of push ups 10 second rest. Repeat times. Same with V Ups and then with chicken lunges. Your score is your total number of reps. Keep a running tally through the entire workout.

Warm Down:
5 minutes ball or belt torture