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Happy Birthday, Ms. Mannion!


Happy Birthday, Ms. Mannion!

Today is the birthday of 1st generation disciple, 1st degree black belt, international referee “A”, dedicated teacher, student, and mother: Ms. Mannion!

Meghan Mannion began her martial arts training in December 2002 at East West Kung Fu in Alamo. She became involved early-on in the instructor training program and earned her instructor rank in November 2004. As an instructor, she has been involved in the planning and organization of many East West events, including East West Student Tournaments, Halloween Demos, and the East West Fun Run. Ms. Mannion has traveled across the world competing in both forms and full-contact lei tai competition. She has represented the United States at two World Kuo Shu Championships as a member of the USA full contact lei tai team. She won the world championship in her weight division in 2009 at the 3rd TWKSF World Kuo Shu Tournament in Germany. She also earned first place in the 2-person forms division, competing with her husband Sean Gray.

Ms. Mannion earned her black belt in December 2010 after eight years of study. She has been a disciple under Grandmaster Richard Lee since 2012. Ms. Mannion earned her International Referee ‘B’ certification through The World Kuo Shu Federation in 2010. She was also a member of the USKSF group that traveled to mainland China in 2004 and 2010.

This year, she travelled to the World Tournament in Mendoza, Argentina a week ahead of the tournament date to train for her international referee level “A”, which is the highest level certification for referees in the World Kuoshu Federation. She did achieve her level A certification and has joined the ranks of only a few referees in the world to do so.

Ms. Mannion, we wish you all the best today and all days. May you enjoy a new year of love, joy, and health.

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