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10th Day of our 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit


10th Day of our 12 Days of Bok Fu Spirit

Remember, only 3 more acts of kindness left for 2012! Don’t forget to post them to comments!

On Friday I left a extra tip at a restaurant that I am often at. The waitress is always very helpful, always happy and has a great personality. I write her a note and thanked her for her great service and wished her a wonderful 2013!

Need a pick me up to end your year? These images remind us of some of the wonderful things that happened in 2012! Talk about some amazing acts of kindness….
26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year

This is a wonderful story!

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  1. My wife and I have been going to a new Pho restaurant that opened up near our house. We go several times a month and always receive outstanding service & excellent food. The servers all know our regular order and go out of their way to make our time enjoyable. In order to show our appreciation we dropped off a dozen “Nothing Bundt Cakes” for their staff. They were so touched that we took the time to show how grateful we were for their excellence.